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Flag of St. Robertsburg Wagon Master Flag of St. Robertsburg

Capital Akebar
Largest city Akebar
Official language(s) English, Macedonian
Other language(s) Georgian, Albanian
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Daltonese
Government Republic (De facto) Constitutional Monarchy (De jure)
President Robert Garside
Prime Minister Martin Garside
Legislature New Canadian Government
Established c.2007 (Informally) 10th December 2011 (Formally)
Area claimed 2,301,827.38 m²
Population 30< Inhabitants

11 Resisted citizens

Currency Williamsian Pound
National food Caesar Salad
National drink Milo
National animal Rooster
Other national symbols Eagle
Internetdomain .nc (New Canada)
Date format
Time zone GMT and BST