Wagon Master

The Wagon Master General official Portrait

The Wagon Master General is a militant Masterdon who is in command of Battle Logistics in The FYROM, his full name is Rudolph Montague Hackleglum.


Born on the 3rd May 1930 to Parents Ian and Matilda Hackleglum, he lived peacefuly for 5 years, until his parents where killed by bandits. He was thrown to the dogs and lived on the street for 5 months, at pionts of desperation he had to lick the minerals from slate to survive. His streak of luck came when he was captured by the USSR and forced to work on a violent farm. This was bad, but better than homeless, because revived basic needs. After rising up from the rank of Farm Hand to the Rank of Farm Controller, he joined the Army, as an excellent soldier became a Colonel, then a Wagon Master General. He fought for Russia against the Vortagons at The Battle of Marché in 1982, leading his men to an outstanding Victory. After his best friend Larry was slain by a Vortagon Reargaurdsman, he became depressed, consequently piling on the weight, hitting 30 Stone but still remaining Strong and Mobile. After his great victory at Marché he retired, nine years later, the USSR collapsed so he moved to Macedonia (FYROM). He soon found work in the Macedonian army as a Battle Logistics Commander.